Wedding Day Details

Having as much detail about your wedding day allows for the filming to proceed efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Please provide as much information as possible. Please fill in the information that is relevant to the filming package you have booked. It should only take you 10 minutes

Please ensure your names are spelt correctly as they will be used on title screens and printed materials.

Regarding your speeches, you will need to email a seating plan and the precise locations of where the speakers will be giving their speeches from - This is very important in positioning cameras and audio recording devices. Also if gifts are being given out please ask the recipients to make their way to the top table to receive them rather than walk around the room handing them out
If a speaker is using a Slideshow or PowerPoint Presentation during their speech a copy will need to be made available. This can be emailed to or shared using an application such as DropBox or Google Drive
Regarding your first dance, please note that filming finishes at 9pm unless otherwise arranged. Late filming after this time can be provided at £50/hour
Your feature highlights film normally lasts 25-35 minutes and includes the highlights of your ceremony, normally your vows and your ring exchange. Readings are normally reserved for your full length ceremony edit however if you wish, you can have them in your highlights film. Please select from one of the options. If you do not make a selection, the readings will not be included.
Please provide a link to your wedding dress supplier - either website/facebook/instagram is fine
Please provide a link to your flowers supplier - either website/facebook/instagram is fine
Please provide a link to your catering supplier - either website/facebook/instagram is fine
Please include any other details of events happening during your wedding day that are not covered in this form