Frequently asked questions

Why have my wedding recorded?

A wedding video is a fantastic way of breathing life back into your big day. If you feel the occasion is a significant event in your life and you would like to share it with friends and relatives who weren’t there (perhaps even future descendants), video is a great way to do it. Video can record character, personality and emotion in a way that still photos do not

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A booking fee equal to approximately one third of the package price is required to secure the booking of your wedding video.

When will I need to pay the remaining balance for the wedding video?

Any time before the day of the wedding or on the day itself.

When will I receive my wedding videos?

Your wedding video will normally be sent to you within 8-12 weeks after the wedding but this can be longer during busy periods.

Where are you based and how far are you willing to travel?

Yorkshire wedding videos is based in Oakworth, West Yorkshire and cover all areas throughout Yorkshire and the North of England. Additional travel expenses may be added to regions outside of these areas.

Are you insured?

Yes Yorkshire Wedding Videos have full public liability and professional Indemnity insurance.

How many songs can we choose for our wedding video?

Once the edit is underway you will receive an email or phone call describing the sequences that require music – these normally are: Pre-ceremony build-up, Post-ceremony celebrations and evening reception

Are you unobtrusive during the wedding ceremony?

Yes. I/We do not move during the wedding ceremony as this can be distracting. Most of the time people don’t even notice the wedding videographer.

How is your appearance?

I/We dress smartly to appear like a guest.

Do we have to have a meeting before the big day?

This is not essential as all the finer details can be talked through over the phone and via email.

Will the prices alter once booked?

No. Your price will stay the same once booked, regardless of any price alterations over the months.

How is it possible to have more than one video camera with only one wedding videographer?

The key is to set up 1, 2 or more static video cameras (dependent on any venue restrictions) before the wedding ceremony. These are set to record different angles and sounds. They also act as a contingency in case of any problems.

Do you attend the wedding ceremony rehearsal?

Yes, whenever possible. It is advantageous that the church is viewed to determine the best angles and which positions are allowed. The wedding ceremony rehearsal is the best time for this. If it is not possible to attend the rehearsal then a call to the vicar or priest normally suffices

What time do you arrive on the day?

Normally at least an hour before the ceremony to set up the cameras and microphones. I also start taking footage of the interior and exterior of the wedding venue for purposes of establishing shots and cutaways. Also I always film guests arriving.

Can you send sample wedding videos out in the post?

If you are having problems watching the samples on the website or would like to see more work then a personal visit can be arranged.

Can I order more copies?

Yes, you can order more wedding copies of your wedding film either on USB, DVD or Blu-Ray – Prices are on the website

What sort of equipment do you use?

I use professional Sony cameras, multiple audio recorders for discrete audio recording and LED lighting when required (not for the ceremony however – lighting is not normally allowed and anyway it would detract from the ambiance)

Terms and Conditions

Delivery of Product

Your wedding video normally takes 8-12 weeks from the date of the wedding to be delivered (possibly longer during July/August/September) Yorkshire Wedding Videos (from here referred to as YWV) will assume that the client accepts the quality of the finished DVD unless YWV is informed to the contrary within 14 days of the DVD being received.


A deposit equal to approximately one third of the package price is payable on booking. The deposit is non-refundable if booking is cancelled less than 60 days prior to the event. The balance of payment is required on or before the date of the wedding.

Permissions and Consents

Please note that it is the client’s responsibility to obtain the consent from the owners of the ceremonial location, or other venue where the Event is being held and all other persons involved in the Event, such as any person conducting the ceremony, the choir organist and other musicians to record the Event before it takes place and to pay any fees charged by them. YWV agree to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. We shall assume, unless otherwise notified, that all persons attending the event have consented to be filmed. Please notify us prior to the event if this is not the case. Data Privacy and GDPR YWV is totally committed to keeping your details private. I do require a few details off of you to be able to get in touch so we can chat about your day. My website doesn’t store any information on you so there’s no need to worry on that front. When you contact me through one of my contact forms on the website I ask for: Name, Telephone number & email address basically so I can reply to your message in one form or another. Your details come through on an email which I access on my laptop or phone which are both password protected. The emails are handled by 1and1 email servers and Google Gmail servers and email accounts at 1and1 and gmail are also password protected. You can be assured your details will never be passed on to a third party Your rights under GDPR haven’t really changed from previous privacy rights. If you wanted to access what information I hold on you, you can get in touch and find out its usually your phone number, email and postal address. As a Videographer I film lots of lovely moments of my weddings. Aside from delivering your film to you I do also share some of the images and footage on Facebook, Twitter, vimeo and my website. I do ask your permission to share these in my Terms & Conditions, but if you don’t want anything to be shared it won’t be. I just need to know about it in advance. By booking a wedding videographer for your day, there is a reasonable expectation that your guests are absolutely fine in the knowledge that they may well be filmed and photographed during the course of the wedding day. However if someone has specifically asked not to be filmed, this needs to be communicated to me and I will endevour to stay clear of them and ensure they do not appear in the final edit. Plus it’s your responsibility to communicate to your guests that the wedding is being filmed and there is a good chance that they will appear in it.

Restrictions, Environment and Filming

Restrictions imposed by others (church, photographer, guests, reception, etc) and the constraints of the physical environment, safety, weather, poor acoustic conditions or other conditions outside our control can effect the quality and extent of the video coverage possible and YWV will not be responsible for scenes not included. If yours is a church wedding it is important you discuss this with the person presiding over your ceremony – they may have filming restrictions that could impact on the quality of the ceremony part of your wedding film. YWV will not video record any event in the rain or other inclement weather such as would damage YWV’s equipment. If weather conditions prohibit videotaping the event either in part or in whole and arrangements have not been made to move event indoors, retainer and moneys paid are non-refundable. YWV cannot guarantee video quality in adverse lighting or weather conditions, or in rooms generating a strong colour tinge to the light which may not be satisfactorily correctable during editing. It should be noted that filming in low light situations (e.g. small rooms, candlelight, disco/dance areas, evenings and nights outdoors) may impact on the quality of the image captured by the camera. The client should acknowledge that videography requires reasonable lighting and that production may be compromised due to low or poor light levels. Environmental audio is recorded during certain parts of the day such as the ceremony and speeches. YWV will take great care that audio is recorded as professional as possible but is not responsible for extraneous sounds such as, but not limited to, the ringing of mobile phones, passing emergency vehicles, crying children, coughing or sneezing participants. Where any of the venue locations used for the wedding/reception have parking availability, one parking place must be reserved for YWV. This is to facilitate the moving of equipment into the premises, and allow easy access to spare equipment left in the vehicle. This is particularly important for multi-site weddings. If parking is not available then any parking fees incurred will be added to the cost of the package. If the order of the day includes the speeches before the meal then YWV will require a 5 minute setup time once the guests are seated and the bride and groom have been announced into the room – this is to facilitate moving equipment into position and setting up audio recorders.

Requests for changes to the edit

The client has chosen YWV on the basis of their shooting and editorial style therefore creative and artistic aspects, such as shooting and editing styles are at the discretion of YWV. Technical errors will be corrected free of charge. Client-requested changes of an editorial nature to their video will be charged at an hourly rate of £30. In this instance discs must be returned and replacement discs issues upon completion of changes.

Music Choice

Any particular music chosen by the client for the edited video has to be supplied before the filming of the event. If no music choice is given YWV will select the music to be used and a charge will be made for subsequent changes. Any changes to the edited video will be charged at the daily rate. There is a licence fee payable for the use of commercial music included on DVDs/videos (copyright charges) However, this has been taken in to account in the pricing structure and no extra charge will be added for this.


YWV retains the copyright to all material recorded by the company or any camera operator employed by them. Please note that it is a condition of acceptance of the contract that YWV should be free to use the material for publicity purposes on their websites or showreel.

Raw Footage

YWV is commissioned to film your wedding day and in doing so will use only the best clips from the footage recorded – these clips are then processed to present them in the best way for the client. The raw footage therefore is not representative of the finished product, and as such will not be made available for purchase.

Disclaimer and substitution

Every effort will be made to ensure your event is recorded in full on the day. Multiple cameras (where possible) are used to minimise problems caused by equipment failure and these are also used to film certain parts of the event from a different angle. No liability is accepted for failure of performance due to any circumstances beyond our control. In the unlikely event of an equipment failure or a cancellation by YWV, YWV will provide a full refund and accept no further liability. If only part of the event has been recorded YWV will negotiate a proportionate amount of the total cost to be refunded. If YWV are unable to complete the engagement for any reason whatsoever we will do our best to find another reputable company to film your wedding through our business contacts. If no such replacement can be found then our total liability is limited to making a refund of all money paid under the agreement. Whilst we will do our best to record all the significant parts of the ceremony and function, including any specific parts you have asked us to record, the contents of the recording shall be at our discretion and subject to conditions on the day. We can give no absolute undertaking to successfully record any particular event or part of the ceremony. Complaints Any complaints must be received in writing no more than 14 days after receipt of final product.

Filming Schedule

Filming will start a minimum of 1 hour before the ceremony unless otherwise agreed. Filming will stop after the speeches for package 2 or at 8:30 in the evening for package 3. In the event that celebrations on the day run late, howsoever caused, we will attend until up to 30 minutes after the agreed finishing time, free of charge. After this time, attendance is at the videographers’ discretion and subject to the hourly rates as advised on our pricelist, payable in advance on the day. For the purposes of clarification, we do not film continuously during the day. As such, we ask for a detailed running order in advance, and to be kept abreast of unfolding events on the day. Please note the only parts of your wedding day that are filmed continuously are (depending on package) your ceremony, speeches and first dance.